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LIFE School of Ministry trains and equips men and women to be world-changing Christians.

If you feel called to grow stronger in your faith or to prepare for a life of full-time ministry, LIFE School of Ministry is for you!

Fulfilling God's destiny in our lives requires us to be fiercely focused on His Word and His will.

Experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit as you endeavor to be a serious student of God's Word.

LIFE School of Ministry is a training center for world-changing Christians. Whether you are called to be a pastor, church planter, missionary, or you simply want to be prepared to be a full-time minister in your daily life- LIFE School of Ministry is for you.

LIFE School of Ministry is for anyone and everyone who would like to further their education and understanding of God's Word and ministry in very practical ways. We have set up LIFE School of Ministry to be very affordable. Basically what we ask is that you pay for materials. We have been blessed with a wonderful faculty that volunteers their time to offer you the highest education without a high tuition cost; therefore the cost of education will not be a barrier for you. LIFE School of Ministry will indeed train and equip you to be a world-changer.

If you are interested in upcoming classes please call our office at 502-243-4050.