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Our mission at Elevate is to train the next generation of leaders to advance the kingdom of God! Elevate is an immersion discipleship program designed to empower and instruct young adults who are passionate about following Jesus and pursuing lives of spiritual growth and ministry. In our program, students are trained in three ways:

1. hands on training 2. academic studies 3. personal discipleship.

Who is the Elevate Program for?
Three types of 18 to 24 year olds:
Those called to FT ministry and desire to commit to 2 3 years of training & discipleship
Those who know they are not called to FT ministry as a career, but desire to enroll in 12 years of discipleship to grow in their faith
Those who are unsure at this time, but desire to enroll in 1 2 years of discipleship, hoping to find direction for what God has for their lives

How does the Elevate Program work?
Elevate is like a Bible College in a local church. Mornings are spent working on academics, while in the afternoons, students are involved in various ministry projects. Elevate students are also required to attend and help out at church services, with various ministries, and events.

Our goal is that Elevate students experience the following in our program:
• Develop a solid devotional life
• A deeper understanding of the Word of God
• Memorize key passages of Scripture related to the life of a growing believer
• Develop a passion for excellence in all areas of life and ministry
• Participate in various hands on ministry in the church
• Participate in local outreaches & scheduled missions trips
• Demonstrate a growing ability to discern the leading of the Holy Spirit
• Gain confidence in God's unique call on their life
• Develop and grow in leadership skills and qualities
• Option to prepare for ministerial licensing
• Option of obtaining their degree through Life Pacific College

• 18-24 years of age and a high school graduate
• While in the program, students must reside in the area and attend New Song Christian
• Fellowship, a Foursquare church, in Louisville, Kentucky
• Born again Christian
• Willingness to learn, serve and be radically changed
• Valid driver's license, insurance, and car
• Covered under health insurance
• Able to pay for all living and program costs for the year
• Submit completed application packet
• Have a cell phone

What makes Elevate School of Ministry unique?
We use Life Pacific College Distant Learning courses for the academic portion of our program. Life is regionally & nationally accredited. Students have the potential of earning 16 college credits the first year and 33 credits by the end of a second year at Elevate.

What does the program cost?
The program costs $1,800 per year which includes:
• Life Pacific books and fees
• Events, conferences & retreats
• Missions trip
• Program fee

How do I apply?
For more information or to apply please contact our program Director, Jeff Lamont by email at: or by phone at 502.387.4210

Contact Information
Elevate School of Ministry
9310 Old Henry Road
Louisville, KY 40245