New Song Academy Photos Shaping Hearts and Minds for Christ.

School Tour Dates:
Thursday November 30 1:00 p.m.
Thursday February 8 1:00 p.m.
Thursday April 12 1:00 p.m.

Open House:
Thursday March 1 6:30 p.m.

Please join us for a tour of our campus with an informal Question/Answer session to follow.
Children are always welcome!

Dates/Times are subject to change. Space is limited so please RSVP to reserve your spot at (502) 243-4064 or e-mail: Please include the date you will be attending and how many adults and children. School tours will last 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Classes and Requirements
New Song Christian Academy Louisville is a 2-day per week supplemental program for home-school families. The Elementary Division & Pre-K/Kindergarten, along with the Middle Division classes, are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:45 am - 2:30 pm.

Requirements for All Students
Homework is an essential part of our program. There will be occasional tests, book reports and weekly homework assignments.

In order to achieve a standard of excellence, there are a few expectations for our families. Each NSCA-Louisville student is expected to:

• Cooperate and complete assignments on time.
• Put forth effort to study and take tests on time.
• Write and hand in papers on time.
• Walk in integrity with the Kentucky Home-schooler's legal requirements.
• Dress according to the required dress code.

Our Pre-K4 program is designed to lay an academic foundation for younger students to develop a joy and love of learning with a creative, hands-on approach.

Elementary Division - Kindergarten - 5th Grade
Classes offered:
• History
• Science
• Writing/Grammar
• Spanish
• Art
• Chapel/Small Group Discipleship

Middle Division - 6th-8th Grade
The Middle Division is also a supplement to the home-based education you have chosen. Our goal for Middle Division students is to fully prepare them to be at grade level or above by the time they enter high school, and to partner with parents to educate their students to be life-long learners.
Required courses:
• History
• Science
• Language Arts (Writing and Literature only)
• Spanish OR English Grammar/Spelling
• Chapel/Small Group Discipleship

Elective courses:
• Math


Application Fee (Non-Refundable) $50.00
Application Fee after Labor Day
( Non-Refundable) $100.00

Registration Fee (Non-Refundable)
Pre-K4 $75.00
Elementary Division K-5th $75.00
Middle Division 6th-8th $75.00

Background Checks (required for volunteers/parents/guardians)

$15/per person

Supply Fees
(Due the first of each month) $10.00

Yearly Tuition
Pre-K4 $1,800
Elementary K –5th $1,900
Middle 6th -8th $2,050

Tuition payments are divided into ten monthly payments with the first payment due August 1st and the last payment due May 1st.

Pre-K4 $180 + Supply Fee
Elem. K-5th $190 + Supply Fee
Mid. 6th-8th $205 + Supply Fee

Progress Reports
Progress Reports will be issued at the end of each quarter. If a student is not progressing according to his/her abilities, a conference will be scheduled.